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Chairman's Message

I would like to take this opportunity in welcoming you to NAD group. A place where reliance on both experience and knowledge is key.A place where the integration of various successful subsidiaries pours into our years of experience in management, trading, and most importantly expansion.

Despite the many challenges caused due to the pandemic outbreak, our development held persistent. With the expansion in both retail and franchise divisions. We believed then and believe that quality control is the key to success. For that, we have created our quality control room (QCR) which holds most of our experienced personnel in all divisions to have a full view of daily operations and hence input their consultation and solutions on a daily basis. A system that we are proud to have achieved.

Today we are thrilled to announce the expansion of the retail division by 6 more branches across the brands we hold, increasing ultimately our operational capacity by 25% during 2022.

~Nabeel Dabwan


First establishment
Company developed division by opening other retail shops
Company diversified portfolio, company signed new agencies
Company commences real estate division, company expands into new markets in retail
Company commences signing major agencies in retail
Company commence and opens Miniso, Sama Mart and other retail shops
Company starts F&B Division
Company signs, opens, and operates Cinnabon and Seattle Best Coffee House
Company signs, opens, and operates Blaze Pizza

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